• The reinvention of bacteriophage therapy. Bacteriophages in control of infectious diseases.
  • From single cell to microbial communities studies, the molecular basis of virulence in the complexity of microbiome.
  • Medical and industrial biotechnology – research and development. Novel therapeutic strategies and practical applications.

The Conference is being held under the patronage of:

  • Hanna Zdanowska, President of Łódź
  • Jerzy Duszyński, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Witold Rużyłło, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Antoni Różalski, Rector of the University of Łódź
  • Radzisław Kordek, Rector of the Medical University of Łódź
  • Stefan Tyski, President of the Polish Society of Microbiologists

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Faculty of Management
University of Lodz

22/26 Matejki Street
90-237 Lodz



Abstract submission deadline is May 25th 2019!

Abstract qualification for evaluation is subject to prior registration and fee payment made before the above date by all authors presenting the work during the Conference.

Amount of the registration fee/
Deadline of fee
Till 01.06.2019From 02.06.2019From 02.06.2019
Participation in Conference300 EUR1300 PLN400 EUR1750 PLN
Participation in Conference-
PTM members
275 EUR1200 PLN375 EUR1650 PLN
Participation in Conference-
150 EUR650 PLN250 EUR1100 PLN
**Participation in banquet dinner 27.06.201915 EUR70 PLN15 EUR70 PLN

Proposed charges include the following range of participation:

  • Participation in lectures
  • Entrance on sponsor’s exhibition
  • Conference materials and certificates of participation
  • Participation in coffee breaks during three days of conference
  • Participation in lunches during three days of conference
  • Participation in opening ceremony 26.06.2019

**Gala dinner on Thuersday 27.06.2019 (extra paid) – 15 euro/ person – „dinner isn’t financed from financial means of innovative companies which belong to INFARMA”.

Fees in PLN have to be regulated after registration and receiving confirmation with amount payable on account:

mBank S.A.
Łódź, Skrytka pocztowa 2108
90-959 Łódź 2

Account number: 33 1140 2004 0000 3102 7729 8276
(Grupa Medica s.c., ul. Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź)

In title of wire transfer please add information „Participation (name and surname of participant )– 8th International Weigl Conference”

Fees in EURO have to be regulated after registration and receiving confirmation with amount payable on account:

Łódź, Skrytka pocztowa 2108
90-959 Łódź 2

SORT CODE:  11402004

Account no. (IBAN): PL32 1140 2004 0000 3912 0619 4734
(Grupa Medica s.c., ul. Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź)

In title of wire transfer please add information „Participation (name and surname of participant )– 8th International Weigl Conference”

Date of payment decides about amount of registration fee, not the date of registration.

People who will register after 05.06.2019 will receive badge of conference participant (non-personalized) and certificate written during conference.
We DON’T GUARANTEE conference materials registered people, who will not make payment till 05.06.2019 and people register during conference

Organizing Committee will confirm registration by sending e-mail. In reply you will receive information about total amount payable and deadline of wire transfer. We reserve the right to change amount of the levy in case payment wasn’t realized in time, passing the obligatory date due to the schedule of charges. Changes and cancellations can be accepted only by Organizing Committee Grupa Medica s.c. ul. Pomorska 40, 91-408 Łódź. The condition of resignation is submitting a written form including information about bank account number which will be used to repay the charge. Conference fee can be transferred to other person after reconciliation and acceptance of Organizing Committee.

Deadline for cost-free resignation is 10th of May 2019.

Deadline for resignation from 11.05 till 05.06.2018 from 05.06.2019
Registration fee 50 % cancellation fee no refund


1. The Organizer of 8th International Weigl Conference titled „ Human welfare and infectious diseases in new microbiome research era. Microorganisms in industrial and medical biotechnology” offers Early Career Scientist Meeting Grants (ECSMG) sponsored by Federation European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) to early career scientists working in Europe who wish to attend the meeting.
2. The amount of a ECSMG is EUR 300 to assist with travel and accommodation. The granted amount will be reimbursed to the grantee during the conference. The grantee will be required to present copies of travelling tickets and other related invoices. The Conference fee will be reduced for Students-grantees to 125 euro and PhD-grantees to 200 euro.
3. One grantee cannot receive more than one ECSMG.


1. An Early Career Scientist wishing to apply for a Meeting Attendance Grant should:
a) be a microbiologist active in research,
b) have either: obtained his / her highest academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) less than five years prior to the application deadline date or to be a PhD student,
c) be a resident in a European country or a country that has a FEMS member society,
d) be a member of a FEMS member society for at least one full year directly preceding the application deadline,
e) be the presenting author of a paper (oral or poster)

Application procedure

1. ECSMG applications are submitted electronically to the e-mail address: biuro@grupamedica.pl  and should contain:
a) ECSMG application form
b) a curriculum vitae including a list of publications;
c) a copy of certificate of the highest academic degree obtained or a confirmation of PhD student status from the home university or institution;
d) A letter of recommendation (using the FEMS form)
e) abstract(s) submitted to the meeting.
2. Complete applications should be submitted to the Organizer by the deadline of 25 May 2019.
3. Questions relating to the application procedure can be addressed to the Organizer at e-mail: biuro@grupamedica.pl

We prepared for students an additional opportunity to register for 8th International Weigl Conference.

Students from Lodz can apply for free passive participation which include:

  • attending to lectures during conference
  • certificates of participation

Participants won’t receive conference materials and will not be allowed to participate in lunches during conference.

Registrations can be sent on e-mail: Konferencje@grupamedica.pl. There is a limited number of places.

Reservation and accommodation fee remains the responsibility of the participants.

For students we offer the possibility to make reservations in II, III and XI DOM STUDENTA. Please refer to password “8th International Weigl Conference” which enable you to have preferential accommodation prices:

II Dom Studenta UŁ „Balbina”
Lumumby 16/18 Street
91-404 Łódź
– Double room – 108 PLN

III Dom Studenta UŁ „Pretor”
Strajku Łódzkich Studentów w 1981 r. 1 Street
91-404 Łódź
– Double room – 108 PLN

XI Dom Studenta UŁ
Strajku Łódzkich Studentów w 1981 r. 11 Street
91-404 Łódź
– Double room – 97,20 PLN

Reservation can be made by e-mail: noclegids@uni.lodz.pl and number: (42) 66-55-338

In reservations in Hotel Ambasador Premium please refer to password “8th International Weigl Conference” which enable you to have preferential accommodation prices:

Single room – 300 PLN
Double room – 360 PLN

The price includes: full breakfast buffet, entrance to swimming pool with saunas and access to the internet.
Hotel website:http://www.hotelambasador.eu/premium/hotel

Reservation can be made by e-mail: marketing@hotelambasador.pl and number: 0048 42 677 15 40.

Check-in starts from 14.00 on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 next day.




Dear guests!

We have a huge pleasure to invite you for banquet dinner! With company of the best DJ we will spend pleasant evening and get know each other better.

  • Date: 27.06.2019
  • Start time: 8 p.m
  • Location: Dom Towarzystwa Kredytowego, Pomorska 21, 90-202 Lodz
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